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Coroflex Cables

Regardless of whether it is a hybrid vehicle or purely electric car, both vehicles need cables for partly extreme current loads. They must be able to stand up to wild temperature fluctuations, constant vibration, and high force impact to secure and protect high-voltage cables running throughout the vehicle. So electrical insulation and chemical resistance are very important properties for this critical application.


Here at Cable House with over 30 years’ experience we provide wires and cables for every use with a range of product materials, specifications, and constructions to meet any environmental, mechanical, or electrical needs. We are able to source from numerous trusted manufacturers in order to meet your standard or custom requirements. This includes Coroflex, an integrated brand of the Coroplast Group which develops innovative cables and wiring solutions for the world market.

These high-voltage cables, also known as HV cables, fulfil all electrical, thermal, and mechanical requirements to a high degree. Coroflex charging cables are tough enough to take quite a bit of punishment with high flexibility and are robust enough to withstand compressive loads of 100 kg/cm2.